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ideiio links your HR and IT systems to automate your join, move and leave process

ideiio safeguards your company systems and data by granting and removing access based on an employee, contractor, or third-party roles

ideiio provides an instant view of access across your organization with detailed audit reporting in minutes

Happy Customer – David Quirke, CISO at Immedis explains how ideiio gave control to centrally manage digital access for their joiners, movers and leavers

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ideiio is a simple, secure and cost-effective SaaS platform that links your HR & IT systems to automate and manage access to company systems and data for your joiners, movers and leavers. Tiered into 3 licensed products to match your business needs, the ideiio platform can be used to deliver identity lifecycle management for all employees and provide full Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) capability for audit and compliance requirements.

Our Solutions

Whether you’re a small and midsized business; you’re seeing success and growth; your growth has launched you to an enterprise or your organization is operating in a regulated industry then you’d benefit from managing your people with ideiio. Depending on the industry you operate in or the complexity of your needs, ideiio’s tiered modular solution to Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM) allows you to choose the level of Identity and Access Management (IAM) that’s right for you.

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Automate the provisioning and deprovisioning of IT accounts by linking your HR and IT systems with ideiio, minimizing the time it takes to onboard and offboard employees.

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With out-of-the-box workflows from ideiio, benefit from auto-provisioning of IT accounts based on roles and have your workforce self-manage password reset and access requests.

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Let ideiio help you move responsibility for onboarding and offboarding your workforce at a local level by delegating IT provisioning to franchises and distributed operations.

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Regulated Industry

Generate IT access audit reports in an instant with the powerful ideiio governance feature for demonstrating your full compliance with industry regulations.

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Our Capabilities


Identity Management (IDM)

Automate your identity management (IDM) process to improve productivity and security in your organization.

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Identity Access Management (IAM)

Streamline your identity access management (IAM) process by automating user authorization and permissions management.

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Identity Governance (IGA)

Identity governance and administration (IGA) software will enable you to mitigate risk by implementing a robust reporting, auditing and compliance system.

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Grow with ideiio

The unique way ideiio is designed with a modular structure enables organizations of any size to “grow with ideiio”. Choose only the ideiio modules you need to support you and grow, then add new features when the time’s right for you.

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What is Identity Lifecycle Management?

An identity lifecycle is the term used to describe the full circle of providing and revoking access for an employee to company IT systems, from when they join an organization to when they leave. Identity lifecycle management, or ILM, is the process of awarding access and removal to IT systems in a business context. Increasingly identity lifecycle management is automated as, especially in larger organizations, undertaking these processes manually can be a point of weakness and create security risks. In today’s modern workplace, employees often need access to numerous IT platforms and software packages, so keeping up with user accounts can become an extremely onerous task if done manually. What starts off as the seemingly simple task of creating identities, managing role changes and dealing with leavers, can quickly become unmanageable as a business grows, resulting in data breaches and productivity issues.

There are several key points in an identity lifecycle where intervention may be required. This starts when an employee joins a company and needs to be provided with access to a variety of IT systems. Permissions will need to be carefully allocated to suit the new employee’s role within the business and this can be a stumbling block as gaining manual approval from management can create delays. The next key stage in the lifecycle is when an employee switches role or gets promoted. This will usually result in a change in the level of permissions granted and potentially also access to new systems. Again, this can be an issue with manual systems as role changes often get overlooked and employees are left with access to platforms unnecessarily. The resulting cost implications can be phenomenal in large organizations if the software is paid for per user. Finally, and possibly the most critical stage of the lifecycle, it is important that employee access gets revoked from all company systems when they leave the business.

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