6 benefits of using ILM for Charities and Not-for-profits

Charities and Not-for-profit businesses often struggle to deal with identity management and administration. In today’s article we present 6 benefits of using Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM) software for charities and not-for-profits.

Efficiency & cost saving

Every penny counts for charities who want to minimise the proportion of donations which are spent on administration, so efficiency gains from automating joiners, movers and leavers in the organisation are really important.

Small IT teams – easy to configure

Charities commonly have small IT teams, so technology needs to be simple, easy to deploy and quick to configure. As a SaaS Identity Management platform, ideiio has been designed from the ground up with these principles in mind.

Managing large numbers of volunteers

Charities often have large numbers of volunteers that help them with their day-to-day operations, whether this is through fundraising, working in the community, charity shops or carrying out front line duties. These volunteers need access to IT systems but aren’t part of the HR system. ideiio provides the perfect set of identity management solutions for charities so they can register and manage access for these volunteers.

Charity sector regulations

Charities are subject to government regulation and given the primary source of funding is from donations and grants, being able to demonstrate strong controls around finance is very important. Various high profile fraud incidents involving charities over the years have proven very damaging reputationally for the affected organizations and erode trust. ideiio provides identity certification tools to ensure the proper checks and balances are in place to make sure that only the right people have the right level of access to sensitive data, and to prove it when needed.

International collaboration

Many large charities are global in scale, with operations in many countries. Within the US, many charities are organised at the state level to account for variations in state legislation and regulation. ideiio provides tools for delegated administration of identities, meaning that management of identities can be delegated to local IT management at the state or country level. Additionally, ideiio provides a global colleague lookup facility, to ensure that colleagues from across a global charity can easily find and communicate with each other.

Not-for-profit license model

ideiio understands that charities have limited IT budgets and need to minimise the proportion of funding that is spent on administration. At the same time, charities have large user numbers, often including large numbers of volunteers which can increase the price of acquiring software. ideiio offers special pricing for not-for-profit organisations, alongside a flexible pricing model which allows organisations to start small and grow with ideiio.