About ideiio

The ideiio team is comprised of identity and access management specialists that provide a cloud-based SaaS identity access and governance platform. ideiio helps organizations manage the digital identity lifecycle of their workforce as they join, move internally and leave the organization. It also provides simple yet robust reporting and auditing functionality for full Identity Governance and Administration (IGA).

In layman’s terms ideiio links your HR and IT systems to help you manage the access of your employees, contractors, suppliers and customers to company data and systems.

ideiio believes that Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) shouldn’t be so hard and that everybody needs IGA not just Fortune 500 companies. The ideiio solution has been designed with out-of-the-box workflows so that custom coding should not be necessary and to ensure that it can be deployed with quick time to value.

Like so many innovative tech companies our ethos is putting the customer first. We work with our customers to understand their challenges and frustrations and use the many features of ideiio to overcome their identity management problems.

The benefit to our customers by choosing ideiio is they can choose different tiers of the product depending on their need and budget, and as they grow their business so they can unlock more ideiio features beneficial to their organization, it’s what we call ‘grow with ideiio’.

How does the ideiio platform work?

The ideiio platform links your HR and IT systems so when a new starter joins, it automatically creates all the access to company systems and data needed to ensure they’re productive from day one. Our platform creates these accounts using your HR system as the single-source of truth, removing the chance of error or duplication and saving many days of effort onboarding employees.

Once a joiner’s access and accounts have been auto-created the software keeps track of where and when your new employee accesses your business systems and files. The ideiio governance portal allows you to run identity audits for audit and compliance purposes. This ensures only the right people have the right access to the right information at a given time.

When someone moves to a new role internally ideiio automatically provides the access they need in their new role while removing any legacy access they no longer need. Additionally, the platform can be used to quickly update an employee’s password and personal details across all applications, they can also request access to new applications at the click of a button.

When an employee comes to the end of their time with your organization ideiio can be used to remove access to all business systems and data at the immediately, ensuring on-going protection from unauthorized access and minimizing the loss of sensitive data.

In addition to a rich lifecycle management functionality the ideiio solution provides audit and regulatory compliance reporting through its governance portal. This enables managers and/or application owners to run identity reports and certification/recertification campaigns to ensure the security of company systems and data.

See for yourself and take a free tour of ideiio and see how ideiio’s tiered solution unlocks different features.