Win-win for partners

ideiio partners with a carefully selected range of best in-breed companies offering complementary software, world-leading implementation and global identity management expertise.

The ideiio IGA platform fills an identity capability gap for many partners and opens up new potential revenue streams from new and existing clients.

ideiio are always open to new partnerships from complementary vendors and identity management specialists.

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Become a partner

Happy Partner

Cloud-based Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) from ideiio is a fully supported identity management and governance solution designed to make it simple, safe and cost effective for your customers to benefit from the advantages of IGA.

With the ideiio IGA SaaS platform having multiple touchpoints across an entire organization, ideiio is quick to gain buy-in from multiple departments and provides a new reoccurring revenue stream with additional upgrade features for increasing your profitability year-on-year.

Happy Sales Team

Your win is our win, so ideiio will support your sales team from the very beginning. Every new partner receives a tailored welcome from ideiio with their sales team receiving a full suite of sales and marketing collateral which can be joint branded by ideiio’s in-house team for your convenience.

In addition to our selection of marketing material to introduce ideiio and keep customers engaged, you’ll also benefit from full training and sales support to ensure your on-going success.

Happy Customers

Introducing innovative technology to your customers which is of immediate benefit is going to fortify your reputation as a leading IT solutions provider and keep your customers happy.

The ideiio solution is proven to be of benefit to all organizations of any size and industry who have a need to speed up onboarding and increase productivity of new employees, secure IT access when employees leave or instantly access IT auditing reports for regulatory or compliance purposes.