How ideiio plus Can Benefit Your Organization?

Here at ideiio our products are designed in a structured, modular way which means they can be tailored to suit organizations of any shape or size and grow as that business develops. Starting with ideiio connect which includes the ideiio Bridge module, companies can move up to ideiio lifecycle as their needs become more complex. ideiio lifecycle has the added benefit of the ideiio Core, ideiio People and ideiio Self-Service modules which provide an enhanced level of workflow functionality, automation of role based access, a people directory and a powerful self-service portal. Finally, for top tier organizations we have ideiio plus which unleashes the full power of the complete ideiio suite via the ideiio Partner and ideiio Govern modules. Identity lifecycle management and identity governance and administration (IGA) are important in any working environment, but for those organizations that have reached enterprise level or are part of a highly regulated industry, they become absolutely crucial.

Features of the ideiio Partner module

The ideiio Partner module is an identity management module available with ideiio plus that provides the tools for managing employees beyond a corporate HQ set up. It is typically used by businesses with multiple locations e.g franchises, branch networks, satellite offices, international bases or logistics hubs. By allowing access management to be delegated to a local level, it relieves the burden on central services to facilitate the onboarding and offboarding of employees, whilst still providing full central control and audit capabilities.

In addition the ideiio Partner module allows organizations to manage access to internal IT systems and data for third parties such as freelancers and contractors. Functionality includes restricted or time-based access so that the process of granting and denying permissions for third parties can be implemented in one sitting.

Features of the ideiio Govern module

ideiio Govern is the governance module from ideiio plus which provides premier auditing features. ideiio Govern’s functionality enables IT security/compliance officials and management teams to run, view and export access reports on people within their organization. It is a powerful tool which ensures that everyone has the correct access to the right system and data at the right time leading to a much more efficient and cost-effective provisioning system. With its auditing function, it delivers total transparency whereby all activities related to a specific individual are logged and can be accessed by management teams.

Benefits of ideiio plus for Enterprise level organizations

The benefits of ideiio plus are more commonly utilized with organizations at Enterprise level. Often organizations at this level operate via distributed operations such as a branch network or franchise outlets and this usually translates into a high level of employee flux. One of the key benefits of ideiio plus is that employee provisioning and deprovisioning can be automated and delegated to a local level making for more efficient onboarding and offboarding of employees without the need for head office intervention Automating this process cuts down on onboarding delays which can contribute to losses due to employee downtime. Using ideiio ensures employees are equipped with all they need to be productive new members of the organization from day one. Enterprise level businesses will also benefit from the audit and compliance functionality of ideiio plus that is available via the ideiio Govern module.

Benefits of ideiio plus for Regulated Industries

If you work in a regulated industry such as financial services, higher education or law, you will understand full well the importance of having a secure system for the management of access to personal data security. With ideiio plus every aspect of IT access is automated, recorded and logged, making for an highly robust audit trail should the need arise. The platform keeps a record of all changes, permissions and roles which can be accessed at any time for review or audit purposes. The ideiio Govern module has been designed to make reporting compliance simple, with easy-to-configure certification campaigns that can be exported and archived.

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ideiio plus has been designed so that every feature fulfils an important need that falls under IGA. Utilising the full suite ensures your organization will benefit from a quick and efficient onboarding of new starters, secure exit for leavers, effective self-service portals for employees, delegated access management, audit trails and instant governance reporting.

So if your organization is either Enterprise Level or part of a Regulated Industry, get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help make your Identity Governance and Administration journey a breeze.