Who benefits?


  • RBACs
  • Immediate termination
  • Security control
  • Data protection
  • Permission logs
  • Audit trail
  • Regulatory compliance


  • Zero day start
  • Self service
  • Colleague look up
  • Access Requests
  • Permissions
  • Zero day end


  • Joiners
  • Movers
  • Leavers
  • Employee details


  • Email accounts
  • CRM accounts
  • Meeting software
  • Passwords
  • Resource access

ideiio connect is designed to link your HR and IT systems to automate the join, move and leave process. Many HR and IT teams are used to spending days manually communicating back-and-forth ensuring that new joiners have the access to the accounts and company data they need.

ideiio auto-creates new accounts, updates access rights and removes access when an employee leaves. This reduces the onboarding and offboarding process from days to minutes.

ideiio connect

ideiio lifecycle builds on the functionality of ideiio connect by providing a unique identity portal for your employees. The ideiio lifecycle identity portal gives your workforce the facility to update their own passwords and information while managing their access requests. The integrated people directory allows employees to look-up colleagues to enable collaboration.

The identity portal is designed to support an employee zero-day start and zero-day end enabling immediate access to company systems on their first day and automating removal of access upon departure.

ideiio lifecycle

ideiio plus delivers security and control with audit and reporting functionality providing total access transparency. The powerful governance feature with ideiio plus is built to support your Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and other senior IT security and compliance officials tasked with auditing workforce IT access for compliance and regulatory purposes.

The ideiio plus governance portal allows any individual, role, department or application to have their access audited in minutes with the creation of exportable access reports.

ideiio plus