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ideiio connect

This is our entry level identity lifecycle management (ILM) product enabling the automation of account creation for your joiners, movers and leavers.

It uses the powerful functionality of the SaaS ideiio bridge to make it simple for any size of organization to implement the benefits of identity lifecycle management (ILM) for its workforce.

Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM) is the practise of managing the digital identities of every employee throughout all stages of the employee journey as they join, move internally or leave your organization. This ensures everyone has the right access to the right systems at the right time.

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Account access termination reduces security risks

The term ‘access-creep’ refers to the accumulation of access to systems and data which a user no longer needs to do their job as they move throughout an organization. Access-creep is a common security risk and increases unseen until there’s a security breach. ideiio connect automatically removes legacy user access and puts an end to access-creep.

Legacy access occurs when a user leaves your organization and their access isn’t terminated. Research has shown that 24.4% of companies were not confident that all access to company systems and data is removed when an employee leaves.

Process simplification saves money

In many companies the employee onboarding and offboarding process is manual, involving emails or a ticketing system. ideiio connect links your HR and IT systems to automate and streamline this process. On average companies take between 4-5 days to onboard new employees, with ideiio connect this time is reduced to minutes.

Auto-provisioning saves time with a zero day starts

The auto-provisioning feature allows new employees to benefit from a zero-day start enabling productivity from the very beginning with all access to systems and data newly created in minutes.

On day one employees have the access and passwords they need to become productive straightaway.

Automated Provisioning

ideiio connect is the simplest way to automate your employee provisioning to company accounts data.

The employee provisioning feature ensures the time taken to request and manage access between by HR and IT is minimized.

Rapid Deployment

As a simple cloud-based client, ideiio connect links your HR and IT systems. This SaaS model facilitates the rapid deployment of ideiio software.

Once deployed, HR and IT will quickly see how ideiio connect streamlines the management of access to all your business applications and company data.

Demonstrate Value

ideiio’s software is designed to be easy to deploy and to demonstrate real business value as quickly as possible.

This rapid deployment model allows customers to demonstrate progress in a short period of time offering demonstrable business benefits.