ideiio lifecycle

ideiio lifecycle is designed to manage the high turnover of employee’s in modern organizations. It automates the onboarding and offboarding process while automatically providing access based on an employees specific attributes e.g. role, location, level of seniority and/or function. This concept of role based access control (RBAC) applies real business logic to the provisioning of access to company systems and data.

Additional benefits of this product include self-service functionality allowing employees to manage their own passwords update their personal details and request access to additional applications. A people directory is also included enabling employees to identify and collaborate with their peers, a tangible benefit in todays hybrid working culture

ideiio lifecycle also includes a wide range of out-of-the-box workflows enabling organizations to automate what are currently manual processes such as approval requests and notification emails.


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Access controls removes access errors

Access-creep and legacy access are commonly caused by human error. Manual provisioning and deprovisioning processes mean that access control becomes lax and employees end up with either too much access or retained access to company systems and data when they leave the organization.


Self-service reduces helpdesk time

ideiio lifecycle’s self-service portal acts as a virtual helpdesk. It allows employees to manage their own passwords, personal details and to request access to additional company systems and data.

People directory encourages collaboration

ideiio lifecycle includes a people directory, allowing colleague discovery and collaboration. This feature has become increasingly relevant with current hybrid working models allowing employees to interact, share ideas and collaborate to the benefit of the organziation.


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RBAC ready-to-use workflows

ideiio lifecycle provides a range of premium features including the functionality of ideiio core which as the RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) module facilitates the auto-provisioning of access to IT systems and data based on roles. This feature now with upgraded ready-to-use workflows speeds up the assignment of your various applications, software and databases to the roles that would use them, increasing time to deployment and time to value.

Access and passwords

Taking individual responsibility for managing your own access requests and password resets leads to more considered applications for access and more safeguarding over passwords. With ideiio self-service giving employees the means of self-managing these items and shifting responsibility away from your IT team sets an organizational trend towards an overall decrease in access requests and password resets which removes roadblocks and increases productivity.

More than a colleague look-up

As people directories have developed over time so has the information they hold. Today detailed people directories like ideiio people are there to provide your employees with more than basic information such as name, job title and contact information. ideiio people allows you to expand beyond this and make your people directory a source for identifying experts across your organization based on interests, skillset, certifications, and even past projects.