ideiio Core

The ideiio Core module enables lifecycle management for your joiners, movers and leavers. It introduces logic into the provisioning and deprovisioning of employee access based on employee attributes such as job function, seniority or location. These attributes are combined by ideiio to define an employee’s role. Once a new employee joins, ideiio will automatically provision access to the company data and systems that they need based on these roles, this is known as role-based access control (RBAC).

In addition to role-based access control, ideiio Core can provide more granular access at an entitlement level within an application. This means that permission levels within an application such as read-only or edit permissions can be managed through ideiio.

ideiio Core provides over 50 out-of-the-box workflows which can easily be configured to replicate current or desired corporate policies. These policies range from notification that an employee is joining to self-service access requests for approval. The ideiio out-of-the-box workflows cover the vast majority of tasks needed to manage an identity within a complex organization.

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Ensuring the right access is granted to the right people at the right time, but also ensuring that other employees don’t have access to systems and databases that they shouldn’t is just one of the prime benefits of the ideiio Core role-based access control feature. 

It’s this powerful feature that not only helps support IT security policies,  but provides the principle foundation for helping you and your organization benefit from simple and secure identity lifecycle management (ILM).

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