ideiio People

The ideiio People module is a colleague look-up directory containing contact information for employees throughout your organization. This module can be as lite or as in-depth as you need it to be with tailored fields to show either the most basic contact information or broader functional and collaboration information.

Modern hybrid working practises means that employee directories have proven to be a valuable and popular tool for today’s workforces. It is particularly popular with employees who are working remotely from home or who are located in distributed operations away from HQ, having access to a detailed colleague look-up directory makes it easier for them to connect and feel connected.

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With access to colleague contact information searchable across a number of fields, your workforce are able to easily connect, feel connected and collaborate to the benefit of their output and your organization’s profitability.

The ideiio colleague look-up directory is simple to implement and fast to deploy quickly becomes a useful everyday tool for everyone, from assisting with individual contact detail request to helping with wider team collaborations.


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