ideiio Self-Service

The ideiio Self-Service module allows employees access to view their current access rights to software, applications or files, request new access, manage password resets and update personal profile details for your internal colleague look-up directory. According to the Gartner Group up to 50% of all IT helpdesk calls are for password resets wasting 30% of an organization’s time waiting for these tickets to be resolved.

Located through a handy URL link, the ideiio Self-Service portal is easily accessible for employee’s who are either office-based or working remotely. No matter where your employees are located globally, they’re guaranteed an effortless means to self-manage access requests and password resets. ideiio Self-Service works seamlessly with ideiio Core’s out-of-the-box workflows to provide a simple and efficient access request approval process.


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To help your organization prosper it helps to make your employees as productive as possible, so simplifying the process for them to gain access to the IT systems they need to work more efficiently and minimise downtime with forgotten passwords is an obvious benefit.

The ideiio Self-Service identity portal helps your employees feel more involved with your organization by taking responsibility for the management of their own identity and passwords.

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