ideiio plus

ideiio plus is our top tier Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) suite and brings you the full capability of the ideiio platform. ideiio plus builds upon ideiio lifecycle management with functionality for local delegated identity management for distributed operations and full governance capability for your audit reporting.

ideiio plus includes all the functionality of ideiio lifecycle with additional powerful features. ideiio partner is designed for the local management of employee identities across franchises and distributed operations freeing resources at HQ to concentrate on corporate employees yet providing total transparency across the employee estate.

Also provided is the sought-after governance feature, ideiio govern, which enables IT and information security professionals to run and export access certification campaigns to automate audit, regulatory and compliance reporting needs.


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Making compliance simple

Many industries have regulations with which you need to comply. Although these are created to ensure best practice and protection for you, your customers, and your industry they often require significant reporting effort. Many auditors and regulators require you to know and report that the right people, have the right access to the right systems at the right time. ideiio govern makes reporting compliance simple with easy to configure certification campaigns that can be exported and archived.

Delegated identity management

Many organizations now have complicated supply chains including temporary workers, contractors, freelancers and vendor partners. In these complicated ecosystems, especially in franchises and distributed operations, ideiio plus can delegate management of non-core employees to a local administrator. This both increases the speed at which local employees are onboarded and ensures that local access is tightly controlled by the central organization.

Recertification access campaigns

Today’s audit and regulatory compliance needs can make it difficult for organizations to track and control access of their data and systems. ideiio govern allows administrators to run periodic recertification campaigns where an employee’s manager or an application owner can quickly and easily recertify or remediate an employee’s access.

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Information Security

ideiio govern allows IT and IT security professionals to run regular reports on employee access to company systems and data. This information ensures the right people have the right access to the right information at the right time. It also ensures that when an employee leaves the organization their access can be certified as being removed.

Identity delegation

ideiio govern provides delegated administration functionality. This allows management of franchises, local offices or non-core employees such as contractor and vendor partners. Delegated administrators can provide access to company data and systems based upon corporate policies.

Full suite, full benefit

Gain the full benefit of ideiio plus with the full suite of ideiio plus features. Every feature has been specifically designed to fulfil an important role that falls under the Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) banner. Utilize the full platform to ensure your organization benefits from a swift onboarding of new starters, a secure exit for your leavers, self-service portal for your employees, delegated access management and instant governance/audit reporting