ideiio Govern

ideiio Govern is the ideiio governance module which provides the functionality for your IT security/compliance officials and management teams to run, view and export access reports to prove the right people have the right access to the right systems and data at the right time. This enables what is often a time-consuming and manual certification process to be automated. 

Whether you’re mandated to provide access audit reports or certifications for industry compliance or regulatory purposes, or whether you want to ensure your critical systems or sensitive data are not at risk from unauthorised access our software can provide the answer in minutes. This module works with ideiio’s out-of-the-box workflows to delegate certification to an application owner or an employee’s manager and allows them to recertify or remediate access at the click of a button.

Available in:

ideiio plus
ideiio cv

The ability to utilise auditing and compliance reporting tools was once the domain of enterprise organizations, but with ideiio  organizations of any size and any industry can benefit from simple and robust reporting for access control.

Our software supports multiple touch points across your organization delivering total transparency. Any activity based on a specific identity is logged and can be reported upon by ideiio Govern.

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