ideiio Partner

ideiio Partner is the identity management module which provides the tools for managing identity based access to distributed operations that are outside of your corporate HQ but still within your organization’s business, such as logistics hubs, satellite offices or franchises.

This module can be used to manage access to your organization’s IT systems and data for external 3rd parties such as contractors, freelancers and vendor partners. It enables access to be defined and controlled at HQ level and restricted or time-based access to be provided for these 3rd parties.

Available in:

ideiio plus
ideiio cv

As your organization grows so tasks that were once part of your role, like setting up new access for new employees, become time consuming and frustrating particularly when there is more and more demand with increased employee churn.

ideiio Partner solves this issue by enabling delegation of responsibility for Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM) to colleagues at local operations, along with the power to manage restricted access for 3rd parties to your systems and data.

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