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Take a tour of the 3 tiers of ideiio to view the simple yet powerful functionality of the software you can benefit from for your organization.

ideiio connect

ideiio connect is the bridge that links your HR & IT systems to automate the creation and removal of accounts to business applications and access to company files and data.

ideiio lifecycle

ideiio lifecycle provides out-of-the-box workflow functionality. It automates access based on roles, facilitates collaboration with a people directory and has a powerful self-service portal.

ideiio plus

ideiio plus unleashes the full ideiio suite with delegated identity management capability for franchises or distributed operations and governance reporting for audit and compliance needs.

If you’ve enjoyed the tour and want to take the next step to a simple, secure and cost-effective identity governance and administration (IGA) platform we can help you try ideiio.

ideiio has become the go-to identity lifecycle management and governance software for organizations of any size and sector. No matter what your identity access management (IAM) requirements our 3 tier licensing model delivers only the level of functionality you’d benefit from now allowing you to add new functionality only when you need it, giving organizations the ability to grow with ideiio.

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