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You’re one step away from simple, secure and cost-effective identity management.

ideiio is a world leader in the provision of identity lifecycle management and governance software. It allows organizations to automate the management of employees as they join, move departments and leave the organization. In doing this ideiio makes sure that employees have the right access to systems at the right time to fulfil their role and importantly don’t have access to systems outside the scope of their role.

As a SaaS solution ideiio is available for you to explore and is easily implemented and deployed with your existing HR and IT systems. Contact us today to find out more.

ideiio helps you secure and manage your users' digital identities, their credentials and profile data all in one place

ideiio streamlines your IT operations by delegating identity administration to department level and providing self-service functionality

ideiio helps you comply with audit and regulatory requirements and facilitates recertification of access

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